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Hi, and thanks for visiting my website.  I am Denver-based independent documentary film producer who has been making films for more than thirty years.  I love what I do and I choose subjects that inspire and resonate with me, and hopefully others.  Most of the films I have worked on have been about artists since I am passionately interested in the creative process and the people who self-select to become artists.  See below for a sampling of some of my recent projects.  I am indebted to the talented folks at Milkhaus without whom I would not have been able to do this work.

Formal Bio

Over the past three decades, Amie has produced several documentaries for PBS, both regionally and nationally, in addition to several pro-bono videos for educational and environmental institutions.  Most of her documentaries focus on artists and the artistic process.  Earlier in her career while working in New York, she worked at ABC Sports and then went on to produce award-winning art documentaries for The Metropolitan Museum of Art's Office of Film and Television.  Amie attended Princeton University (cum laude) and the Yale School of Organization and Management.  She has served on several non-profit boards in the Denver community, including Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, the Nature Conservancy, Graland Country Day School, the Clyfford Still Museum and Constellation Philanthropy.  She is married to Jim Kelley and they have three adult children.


Recent Productions

Ana María Hernando


Argentine born, Boulder based artist Ana María Hernando lives a life inhabited by color, textiles, flowers and a deep regard for women's traditional crafts.  Our film attempts to capture her essence and intuitive process as she creates one of her memorable installations.  Incorporating hand-crocheted petticoats of Andean villagers and delicate fabrics embroidered by a group of cloistered nuns in Buenos Aires, Ana María creates a wondrous work which is both a testament to traditional women's crafts as well as an exuberant piece of art.

William Matthews

Drawn to Paint

A masterful watercolor painter, globe-traveler, passionate collector of friends, generous participant in life, and occasional screw-up, Willy is a keen observer of the changing West. From the cowboys of Nevada's Great Basin region to the stunning landscapes they inhabit, Willy is able to capture the particular spirit of a person or a place with a minimalist's eye and an open heart. We follow him as he travels the West, preparing for his latest museum exhibition.


The story of Clyfford Still - his remarkable life and his indelible contributions to American art. Though not as well known as his contemporaries Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko, Still was one of the leaders of the Abstract Expressionist movement and deliberately turned his back on the art establishment at the height of his career. Through interviews with leading art and social historians, contemporary artists, and former students, the documentary reveals, for the first time, the detailed and compelling story of Still's life, the evolution of his work, and the reasons for his prominent and permanent place in American art.

Other Productions